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Jewellery Repair & Remodelling in Brisbane

Girls Love Pearls is able to offer a broad range of services to help satisfy any query relating to jewellery that you may have. From a simple restring or sourcing a lost pearl from your favourite piece, to remodelling items you no longer wear. Resulting in a stunning signature piece that is not only elegant but practical to wear anywhere, anytime. As well as pearls, we also deal in certified diamonds and all coloured gemstones. If you have a question or situation that is not covered here, please contact us.
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• Jewellery Sales

Exquisite range on display

• Pearl and Bead Restringing
In-house restringing service

• Jewellery Remodelling & Design
Custom made pieces

• All Jewellery and Watch Repairs
For your treasured possessions

• Gem Stone Sourcing
Let us find the stone of your dreams

• Jewellery Valuations
Registered N.C.J.V (Qld) Valuer

• Insurance Quotations
Have your stolen or lost items replaced


Girls Love Pearls provides a professional in-house restringing service to cater for the restringing of strands or bracelets that have broken or for new strands that need a clasp added. If you are wanting gemstone or metal feature beads placed within the strand or bracelet we can help with supplying coloured, gold or silver beads to enhance the look of your strand or bracelet. We also supply pearl and bead strand clasps, both conventional safety type and magnetic type for people that have difficulty manipulating normal clasps. The price list provides approximate prices, some factors may affect these prices for example bead hole size, etc. An accurate price will be provided before work is commenced.

Unknotted - Prices current for 2017

Necklace - 
Up to 60cm - $55.00
60cm - 80cm - $59.00
80cm - 100cm - $63.00
100cm - 120cm - $67.00
$50.00 for each additional strand in multi strand twist

Bracelet - $50.00/strand
$45.00 for each additional strand in multi strand twist

Knotted - Prices current for 2017

Necklace - 
16" (40cm) - $80.00
18" (45cm) - $88.00
20" (50cm) - $95.00
22" (55cm) - $103.00
24" (60cm) - $110.00
26" (65cm) - $118.00
28" (70cm) - $125.00
30" (75cm) - $133.00
32" (80cm) - $140.00
34" (85cm) - $148.00
36" (90cm) - $153.00

Bracelet - $55.00 per strand


1. For some beads that present difficulties with inconsistent string hole sizes, and for small pearls (5mm and less in size), a 10% surcharge may apply.
2. Cleaning pearls extra – strands and bracelets $25.00 each.

Jewellery Sales

Our showroom in the Brisbane Arcade houses one of the best ranges of pearl jewellery in Brisbane. The range encompasses white and gold South Sea pearls from Australia and surrounding areas, together with Black Tahitian South Sea pearls. Also on display is an array of Japanese Akoya pearls as well as Chinese Fresh Water pearls. Set in either 18, 14 and 9 carat gold, choose your desired metal colour of either yellow, white or rose gold. 

Platinum, palladium and sterling silver can also be used. So whether you are looking for strands, pendants, earrings, rings or bracelets, your buying decision will be made easier knowing you have the largest range in front of you, all together in the one store! As mentioned before, we also carry a range of diamond and coloured stone jewellery.

Jewellery Re-modelling & Design

How many times have you opened that drawer and looked at those treasured pieces of jewellery you no longer wear, and think, "One day I'll do something with those!". Take the first step and bring them in, and we will remodel them into a piece you will once again be proud to wear and show off to the world. We can chat with you about your ideas and expectations for your new piece. We will offer a selection of design concepts, then provide you with a quote for the total price. 

This service is free and of course with no obligation! So don't hesitate any longer. Call and make a time to come in... you will wonder why you didn't do something sooner. Some people have concerns about their items being in the hands of someone they don't know or trust, and this is totally understandable. Do the exercise; come in, meet us, then see how you feel.

Jewellery Repairs

We can offer a full professional range of jewellery and watch repairs. This means we can assist you with any repairs presented, by engaging our team of master jewellers and qualified Horological Guild watchmakers. All repair work is guaranteed. Our repairs service provides a complimentary jewellery check and ultrasonic clean, so you may have the condition of your jewellery assessed. 

This may detect any faults or wear and tear in settings that may affect the security of your mounted diamonds and gemstones.

Gem Stone Sourcing

If you have a desire to find your ultimate gemstone, let us help you to source it using our network of national and international gem merchants. There is such an array of beautiful and fascinating gemstones, some of which you may not have even heard of. From diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires to aquamarine, tanzanite, spinel and garnets, every colour of the rainbow is possible. We can advise on what to look for in the gemstone you request and guide you on quality, cut and colour whilst working within your price range.

Jewellery Valuations

Mark Seddon, owner of Girls Love Pearls, is a Gemmologist and Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Australia (Diploma 1988), as well as a registered valuer (Qld) #078 with the National Council of Jewellery Valuers. Insurance companies today prefer to accept clients risk based on valuations provided by industry professionals, and with the stringent professional update training policies employed by the N.C.J.V. you have peace of mind knowing your pieces will be valued in accordance with the valuer’s council guidelines and as such have their correct value assigned. This in turn allows you to insure them and be covered correctly should the need arise. All valuations are done in house and can be done same day by appointment, depending on the number and complexity of the items.

Insurance Quotations

If you find yourself having to obtain quotes for your insurance company for stolen or lost pieces, we can help. The process of obtaining quotes for your lost jewellery pieces can be distressing and at times inconvenient. At Girls Love Pearls, we can make it as painless as possible by providing estimates on any piece of jewellery including watches, missing gemstones or damaged items, without having to go to several different stores because of the diversity of your collection. With 32 years experience and valuing knowledge, Mark Seddon can provide accurate pricing evaluation for your insurance company to aid them in settling your claim. We endeavour to have the quote sent in typed correspondence to yourself or your insurance provider within 24 hours. As well as providing quotations, we can help in replacing your jewellery collection, either by our range in store, by manufacturing to order or by the extensive sourcing network of suppliers we have access to.

Are you looking for professional pearl restringing in Brisbane? Call 07 3012 8361 today to find out more.

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